Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer:  If you have been charged with a Harrisonburg DWI or other traffic violation, schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION with Bob right now.  Bob has over 30 Years Experience helping people like you.  You can use the highlighted form above or call 540.433.6906 or email

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Even a star like NBA Denver Nugget Ty Lawson gets charged with DWI.  In late January, 2015, Lawson was stopped for speeding 61 in a 35 which would be Reckless Driving in Virginia.  Apparently it is careless driving in Colorado.  Lawson should have known that police DUI patrols are increased in late evening and early morning hours; he was stopped around 1:30 a.m.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer:  Lawson should have known not to attempt the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) because Lawson had a previous DUI in Missouri.  Lawson also had a previous underage possession of alcohol.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: The SFSTs are designed for failure.  Officers do not instruct, administer or grade these “tests” properly.  This poor instruction, administration and grading insure that anyone taking them appears impaired.  That is almost funny since the SFSTs are not impairment tests; instead, when properly instructed, administered and graded they are intended to show a probability of a blood alcohol content above or below the legal limit.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Lawson should have know that he was not required to take the SFSTs.  Lawson should have known that he was not required to incriminate himself by discussing the matter with the police.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer:  Of course the police claim that Lawson had bloodshot and watery eyes and that those observations mean he is intoxicated.  Law Enforcement does not explain why they are still using bloodshot eyes since the founders of the SFSTs removed bloodshot eyes as a clue years ago.  Also, watery eyes have not been linked to intoxication by alcohol.

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Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer


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