Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: If you have been charged with a Harrisonburg DWI or other traffic offense contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  Schedule your FREE CASE EVALUATION by clicking on the highlighted words or call 540.433.6906 or email Info@BobKeefer.com

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Connor Frankamp is a Wichita State basketball player.  In January, 2015 Frankamp was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  The police understand that young persons in college tend to imbibe in alcoholic beverages late at night.  As a result, law enforcement patrol conduct DUI patrols near colleges, universities and student housing.

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Frankamp was stopped by Wichita Police for failure to signal before turning and failure to maintain a single lane.  Apparently Frankamp was subjected to some sort of breath test which registered 0.186 grams per 210 Liters.

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Frankamp played his high school basketball in Wichita and was seen as a four star prospect coming out of college.  Frankamp had transferred to Wichita State from Kansas where he played as a Freshman on the Jawhawk’s Basketball Team.  Frankamp started as a guard for the Jawhawks and scored 10 points against Eastern Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament and 12 points against Stanford.

Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer:  Frankamp probably did not understand that he had no obligation to provide evidence against himself in the DUI Investigation following his traffic stop.  Frankamp probably thought the Police would cut him a break if he attempted to comply with their requests to follow the light with his eyes and his eyes only, to stand on one leg and count and to walk heel to toe 9 steps out, turn around and walk nine steps back.  Frankamp did not know those tests were designed to “fail” him and provide probable cause to arrest him for DUI.  Hopefully Frankamp will get a good lawyer to help him with this case.

harrisonburg dwi lawyer

harrisonburg dwi lawyer






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