Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer: Contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  Bob has been practicing law for more than 30 years.  Benefit from his experience.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer:  Some claim that in the past star athletes got breaks where others might not.  If that was true at one time, it is not true today.  Case in point, Victor Robbins who plays forward for Oregon State University (OSU) was arrested on February 9, 2015 for DUI.  Robbins was apparently arrested by a Benton County Deputy.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer: Robbins is currently subject to a 10 game suspension for a violation of Oregon State Athletic Policy.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer: According to the relevant police report, Robbins was stopped for speeding and weaving within his own lane.  Robbins apparently made the mistake of taking a roadside gymnastic test designed to produce probable cause for his arrest for DUI.  Robbins, of course, failed.  Robbins, who is a year short of the legal drinking age of 21, registered a 0.13 grams per 210L breath alcohol result.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer:  Robbins, when not suspended, is a good player for the Oregon State Basketball team.  Usually the sixth man on that team, in the last seven games before the suspension started, Robbins was the team’s leading scorer.  Before his DUI, Robbins was scheduled to go off suspension for the February 19, 2014 game with Utah.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer:  Speeding is not an impaired driving clue under NHTSA.  The related impairment clue is driving significantly under the speed limit.  Intoxicated drivers tend to slow down to compensate for their reduced reaction times and less than normal observation skills.  Moving around within one’s own lane is actually how we all drive.  Robbins made the mistake of thinking the roadside gymnastic tests were going to be fair to him.  These tests are not fair to anyone.  Only someone who wants to improve the DUI case against them takes the standardized field sobriety tests.

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Leading Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer







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