Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer:  Schedule your FREE CASE REVIEW right now with Experienced Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer Bob Keefer to learn your options.  Your call is completely confidential and privileged.  Your call is at no cost or obligation.

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer:  Larry Reid is the 73 year old sibling of Harry Reid.  Harry Reid is the U.S. Senator from Nevada who is a powerful member of the Democratic Party.  In February, 2015, Larry was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), possession of a weapon while intoxicated and battery on a police officer.  These charges arose after Nevada Highway Patrol approached Larry Reid’s stopped vehicle on U.S. 95 near Boulder City, Nevada.

Harry Reid is Larry’s 75 year old older brother.  Harry has been a United States Senator from Nevada since 1987.  Harry has also been Senate Minority Leader since the January, 2015 Republican Senate majority.  Harry was previously the Senate Majority Leader when his party had a majority in the Senate.  Harry had moved to the U.S. Senate from being a United States Congressman, a Nevada state legislator, a Lieutenant Governor, a city Attorney and head of the Nevada Gaming Commission.  Harry intends to seek re-election to his Senate seat.

At 73 years of age Larry Reid is too old to be tested with the standardized roadside gymnastics.  The original validation studies for these balance tests indicated that they were too difficult for persons over 60 years of age.

Sometime later, without the benefit of further validation studies, that cut off age was arbitrarily raised to 65 years of age.  Actual research data indicates that a more appropriate cut off age would be 40 years of age given the physiological changes commonly associated with aging.  Thus far NHTSA has not addressed this research data or the effects of declining levels of physical fitness in the general population.

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer

Veteran Harrisonburg Traffic Lawyer






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