Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUI

Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUI

Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUI

No one gets a pass on a DUI charge in today’s America.  On August 20, 2015 the headlines read, Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUIRoman Catholic Cardinal William Levada who is 79 years of age was seen driving erratically in Hawaii.  Levada presently lives in California and was in Hawaii on vacation with some other retired clergy.  Cardinal Levada was stopped on Hina Lani Street in Kailua-Kona.  When Cardinal Levada retired in 2012 he was the highest American Cardinal in the Catholic Church.  Levada was ordained as a priest in 1961. Cardinal Levada was instrumental in dealing with some of the sex abuse cases in the United States.  He also belonged to the conclave that elected Pope Francis in 2013.

Catholic Cardinal Arrested for DUI:  Cardinal Levada was driving a 2015 Nissan Altima, a rental car, when law enforcement reported him swerving while traveling north on Queen Kaahumanu around midnight.  Obviously Levada was not familiar with this particular vehicle.  He was also not familiar with the streets and roadways.  That lack of familiarity may have caused the swerving reported by the police.  At 79 years of age no one could expect Cardinal Levada to physically move well.  At 79 years of age Cardinal Levada would not be a candidate for the standardized field sobriety testing.  The early validation studies cut off people at 60 years of age as not being candidates.  Later, with no supporting scientific validation studies, the cutoff was raised to 65 years of age.  Obviously Cardinal Levada exceeds both the early cutoff of 60 years and the subsequent cutoff of 65 years.  If the arresting officers put Levada through the walk and turn and/or the one leg stand Levada’s results are meaningless.  You cannot properly administer standardized field sobriety testing to a 79 year old man.  As we age our lung volume decreases.  It is patently wrong to use a breath alcohol test on a 79 year old man and expect it to accurately reflect his blood alcohol content.  Bob always encourages people to withhold consent to the field sobriety testing.

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Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUI

Catholic Cardinal Arrested For DUI






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